This website is part of the online collection of « Great Archaeological Sites ». It is adapted from the printed guide to Paris published by Editions du Patrimoine in their collection Archaeological Guides to France.

The first section of the guide presents the history of Paris and the part that the terrain and the unpredictability of the Seine played in its construction. An accurate set of maps shows Paris' Gallic origins and the evolution of the city under the Romans.

The second section discusses the city's many Roman monuments: the forum, theatre, amphitheatre, aqueduct and baths. 3D reconstructions allow readers to visit these monuments inside and out.

The book's last section offers guided tours to the Cluny baths, the archaeological crypt at Notre and the Carnavalet Museum. There is also a walking tour that allows the reader to discover the visible remains of Roman Paris-the Cluny baths of course, as well as other less well-known sites.

The Archaeological Guides to France

The Archaeological Guides to France offer readers an introduction to the history and vestiges of the great prehistoric, Gallo-Roman and medieval sites in France. The guides look at the evolution of these sites from a topographical point of view, and the principal monuments are described with the aid of maps, colour plans and, wherever possible, 3D reconstructions. Illustrations include photographs of the excavations and objects discovered. The guides also recommend museums and circuits for exploring archaeological sites and monuments.

The scientific content of the collection is under the responsibility of the Sous-direction de l'Archéologie, direction de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.