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Moulage accidentel du visage d’un jeune défunt par le mortier ayant scellé sa tombe.
Musée Carnavalet, Paris.
Cliché © A.-B. Pimpaud.

Vue partielle d’une tombe avec les restes des semelles cloutées des brodequins du défunt et un dépôt funéraire composé d’une assiette et d’une cruche.
Musée Carnavalet, Paris.
Cliché © M. Paturange / CVP.

The dead were buried in one of four ways: directly in the earth, directly but with a stretcher beneath the body, in a wooden casket or, in a few cases, in a stone enclosure. The use of a sarcophagus was an exception-only three have been found, including two infant burials. One interesting tomb contained an infant, interred with a glass baby bottle, whose death mask was made from the mortar used to seal the tomb. As the discovery of traces of footwear with studded soles attests, the dead were buried with their clothing.