Location of the waste area.

Watercolor : G. Monthel.

In front of the house, the waste pit is used for activites which require space or which produce quantities of waste material.

This is where grain would be winnowed, and where wild game or domestic animals would be carved. The frequent presence of articulated pig feet shows that these parts of the animal were not well appreciated. A number of other activities can be traced to this area in front of the house beneath the overhang of the roof: splitting firewood, making tools from bone or deer antler, and probably tanning hides. The buildup of layers of waste, alternating with layers of fresh covering material, quickly formed a very dense mass—sometimes several cubic meters in size—in front of the house's entrance.

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Reconstitution of the work area.

Waste area in front of a house.

Chalain 4, 31st century BCE.

Grinding stones and bone awls.

Chalain, previous excavations.

Jura's Archeological Museum, Lons-le-Saunier.