The use of acorns in cooking seems to have developed during the 30th century, and may have provided a substitute for flour from grains when population density had reached its peak.

You also can make acorn cakes, but preparing the flour takes a long time.

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Cleaning the acorns before boiling them.

Drying the acorn flour.


  • Collect fresh acorns. Clean and soak them for several days, changing the water regularly.
  • Boil the acorns for a long time; the tannin will color the water red. Repeat as often as necessary, until the cooking water becomes clear.
  • Crush acorns into flour using a grinding stone. The flour, once dried, will remain good all winter.
  • To make flatbread, follow the same recipe for making bread.

Be careful! If you do not eliminate the tannin completely, the flour will be very bitter and the flatbread will be inedible.