The edge of the forest at the base of the plateau.

During the entire Neolithic era, inhabitants regularly collected small fruit (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) from the edges of forests, woodlands and abandoned fields. The presence of significant quantities of achenes in human excrement is ample demonstration of this, and of the fact that fruit was consumed in the forest.

Leaves of bear's garlic were also harvested in abundance to satisfy the desire for salads at winter's end. In sunny, damp woodland areas, this plant literally covers the ground.

Bear's garlic.

Later in the season, acorns and, to a lesser extent, beechnuts (the favorite food of wild boars) were collected and stored for the winter; this was also true for hazelnuts.

Finally, sour little crab apples were gathered, cut in two and dried over the hearth.

Dried, halved crabapples.