The headquarters of this municipal archaeology Unit, which was created in 1982, are located in a former nursery school next to the Art and History Museum. Over the years it has been turned into a "Maison de l'archéologie". The Unit has four principal missions:

  • Excavation :

As an approved contractor by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, it carries out about ten rescue archaeology operations each year within the town's boundaries. Working in close collaboration with the Regional Archaeology Office, it ensures archaeological oversight of urban planning documents.

  • Publication :

A series of scientific publications, which began with the appearance of an Atlas historique in 1996, is in preparation.

  • Collections management and conservation :

Within the Unit, one person manages the collections and maintains the archaeological storage area.

  • Public education :

Educational efforts directed towards a very large public are organized around the theme "Archaeology, Territory and Citizenship".

To carry out these missions, the Archaeological Unit has-as of 2006-a permanent staff of eleven people: six archaeologists, an archivist, a graphic artist, two cultural docents and an administrator. In addition, it benefits from the presence of a professor, seconded from the Créteil Educational Authority.