Ring of gold with invaluable semi-precious stone setting, decorated with an engraved figure, late Roman, from a tomb.

Pommel of a sword, in silver-plated copper, late Roman, carrying the inscription VALERIAN VIVAS.

Fibula "with onion bulb head". Gold, IV century AD, from the tomb of a dignitary.

Late Roman Necropolis

This Cemetery is found in the northeast of the city and was partially examined in 1987 and 1988 during an emergency dig, which yielded precious information on the funeral rites and rituals of the fourth century. Among numerous brick tombs, two of them were found to be adorned with furnishings of remarkable quality.
Buried there were two Romans having undoubtedly played a significant role in the civil or military life of the limes. The furnishings found included a fibula with onion-bulb-shaped ornaments, gold and silver jewelry, glass and ceramic vases of military origin and toiletries.

Necropolis from Roman era (named Necropolis Roman II)

It was discovered in the central part of the contemporary town, immediately next to the historical center. The greater part of the 50 tombs excavated have revealed modest furnishings, the dates of which have been estimated based upon the ceramics found. The Necropolis also contains graves from the late fourth or early fifth century.