Contemporary Hârsova

Hâsorva is a town of 11,300 inhabitants, in the northwest of the Constanta region, on the north bank of the Danube, about 70 km from the Black Sea as the crow flies.
It is a port town on the Danube, connected to the rest of the country by the highways DN-2A and E-60, serving her agricultural and industrial needs. Several large national banks have a branch in Hârsova.

The city has all the educational infra-structure from nursery school and primary school to high school and two colleges, as well as medical institutions : medical dispensary, polyclinic and hospital.

The urban planning of the town is the result of the superposition of a modern orthonormal grid over the ancient layout of winding roads still well preserved in the west and in the south. At the center, the main artery crosses the town from north to south, up to the Danube, passing the Town Hall and the Ministry of Culture. A modern grid of perpendicular and parallel streets traverses the town.

Hârsova city.