Setting of Hârsova Village in Dobrogea.

The Neolithic and Chalcolithic tell of Hârsova (prefect of Constanta) is situated in a region  particularly rich in archaeological sites of all periods, on the right bank of the Danube, about 70 km from the Black Sea, as the crow flies.

Set at the bottom of a eastern slope, along the limestone base on the banks of the Danube, the tell, originally estimated at a little more than two hectares, was shortened at its southern part by the river (and further by recent human activities) and so bares a coarse natural cut at its east-west side. A rock barrier jetting out into the river, forms a creek, when the water is low, directly in front of the site.

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The currently preserved portion of the tell arises in the forma loess dome more than 12 meters in height, approximately 190 meters long in the East-West direction and a little more than 80 meters in the North-South direction. It is one of largest the tells of Romania.

The contours of the tell.