ArchTerra :
Museums and research institutes regularly add new pages to the wealth of knowledge in Romanian Archaeology. Only one address is needed to access the most up to date information : The ArchTerra Project gathers together institutions of several countries from the European Community to promote archaeology on the Internet. Contributing countries include : Holland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.

The Romanian cultural institute, CIMEC : The Institute for Cultural Memory, is an active participant in the ArchTerra Project, and has developed an Internet Portal devoted to the cultural heritage of Romania. A large section of this site is dedicated to archaeology with Internet publications, exhibitions and information on archaeological digs in French and English. You will find exhaustive and up to date information on Romania museums and historical monuments.

Some Archaeological References on the Web

Romanian National Museum of History, Bucharest :
Launched in 1972, the Romanian National Museum of History features historical and archaeological collections originating from all areas of the country. The museum holds a collection counted among the world-class collections of Romanian cultural and historical heritage, and constitutes one of the largest institutions of research in Romania.

Constanta :
The National Museum of History and Archaeology at Constanta, offers a sampling of rich collections, as well as information on some of the prestigious sites under its jurisdiction).

Calarasi (Calarasi) :
The Lower Danube Museum at Calarasi chronicles an important section of Prehistory with special focus on The Neolithic Era.

Suceava (Suceava) :
This site gathers information on the National Museum of Bucovine, the departmental Museum of Suceava, including some of the famous painted monasteries of Romania (Sucevita, Moldovita).

Ploiesti (Prahova) :
An assortment of images from the collections of the Museum of History and Archaeology of the department of Prahova at Ploiesti.

Craiova (Dolj) :
Presentation of the department of History and Archaeology of the Museum of Olténie at Craiova.

Slobozia (Ialomita) :
Practical information on the Museum of the department of Ialomita at Slobozia and its archaeological, historical and ethnographic collections.