The amount of osteological evidence of domesticated dogs found at the level of the Gumelnita culture in the tell, is surprising. At least thirty individual animals have been surveyed, since 1993. The great amount of fossilized carnivore excrement found at the site reinforces the impression that dogs where common. What was, however, their role : true companion of humans who help in the hunt, guarded homes and tended the herds, or, a simple domestic animal benefiting from domestic waste ?

A certain number of dog skeletons, discovered in an area reserved for domestic garbage, show incisions as result of austerity, while others show disarticulation. The dogs seem to have been the victim, from time to time, of the appetites of those living on the tell.

Skull of a domesticated dog (Canis familiaris) carrying traces of incisions on its face and muzzle, showing clearly that it was skinned.