Other Archaeological Sites Bronze Age Necropolis on the "Belciug" hill.
Known since the dig of 1960-1963 this gravesite revealed numerous vases and fragments witnessing to the presence of tombs dating back to the first half of the Bronze Age.

La Tene Necropolis in the Abattoir zone.
La Tene Necropolis is along the banks of the Danube and revealed in 1973 a "crater" type vase coming from a tomb.

Necropolis from the feudal period.
This was located west of the town following the discovery, in 1961, of nine funerary urns.

Settlement and Necropolis of the late middle Ages.
This Necropolis of the Middle Ages was discovered in 1987 at the center of the town where the site lay covering a late Roman necropolis. One hut (bordei) and some graves were excavated.

Ottoman Necropolis.
The Ottoman Necropolis is spread out across the northern part of the town and still consists of separate, distinct tombs. It had been in use until the first half of the 20th century but undoubtedly goes back to an ancient time.