At Hârsova, the Boian and Hamangia cultures shared the common border of their respective territories. From fragments of the Cucuteni culture found at the tell, we see that the Gumelnita had contacts with the Cucuteni who lived a hundred kilometers to the north. Lastly, the Cernavoda I people, coming from the east, in contact with the Gumelnita culture (which they replaced in Dobrogea), were also subject to south-anatolian influences, while still sustaining relations with the Cucuteni world.

Without a doubt, links between cultures were more complex than described above ; nonetheless the current, already formidable, database concerning the lives of these populations, indicate the consistent communication between cultures. Direct contact and commercial trade functioned at various levels and over more or less large distances, and necessarily included the circulation of ideas and techniques. This contributed, by more or less strong mutual influences, to the perpetual mobility of human cultures.