The realm

Romania is a country in the southeast of Europe at the 45th parallel, along the same latitude as Venice, Italy and Bordeaux, France. The country has a balanced geography of mountains, hills and plains. The historian Constantin C. Giurescu once compared Romania to a medieval city of which the Ardeal and Carpathian mountains comprise the castle fortress, surrounded by the hills as walls, with the Danube, the Nistre and the Tisa rivers forming a moat.

The climate

The Romanian climate is that of a temperate delta. The physical and geographical characteristics of the country, positioned as it is at the center of the continent, give it its own particular climate, known simply as Danubian. The climate is transitional both in temperature and humidity. The temperature is between the warm Mediterranean climate and the cold climates of the north, and the humidity is between the more humid western climate and the dryer weather of the east.