Short distance trade routes.

The great resources along the Danube had been most likely a determining factor in the choice to settle at Hârsova. The Gumelnita community had at it disposal, across a vast territory, the essential raw materials needed for survival.

Clay, wood, horn and bone, and food were generally available, but on the other hand, there were other materials, which had to be found elsewhere.

Certain rock types used for tools, discovered at the tell, allow us to determine the travel routes which enabled contact with other communities; the source of the stones are found at distances which vary from 20 to 80 km toward the center and north of Dobrogea. Either by trade with peddlers or by direct contact with the Gumelnita communities along the Black Sea, the inhabitants of the tell could adorn themselves in jewellry made from Cardium.

Remains of an axe-hammer made form green rock and a chisel blade made from volcanic basalt stone. These rocks, not naturally found at the tell, were imported from the center and the north of Dobrogea.