Excavations of the "parvis" sheltered by the fallen rocks in the front of the eastern facade of cairn II revealed three large shaped stones.

  • A trapezoidal micaschist slab with rounded corners, about 1.4 x 0.8 m, which may have been used as a closing device for one of the dolmens III.
  • Another mica-schist slab, 1.7m long and 0.5m wide, shaped in a wide flat crosier.
  • A granite spindle-shaped stone, carefully pecked to produce a large slightly curved 2.4 m long horn.

Both elements are blocked out in the lower third which means they were planted either in the ground in front of the monument (but no suitable blocking system was found in the excavation area), or on the face of the cairn, or possibly on top of the monument.