In the entrance, the first pillars of the passage are more or less levelled by pecking but they are not decorated.

On the right side, the decoration starts on the third pillar, with quite crude, perhaps unfinished motifs. On the left side, the decoration only starts on the fourth pillar (number 26), with a composition which appears to be finished and remains quite simple and decipherable.

The panels situated in the central part of the passage (4, 8, 9, 10 on the right, 20, 21, 24 on the left) can be considered major by the complexity and the quality of the decoration. Slab 24 is not in alignment with the others. The decoration in the chamber itself is generally less elaborate than in the passage. Slab 14, the "crosier stele" with its cut-off top, actually shows re-use of earlier material. The other panels are often difficult to read and display rather unusual patterns such as the specific "fake spiral" motifs. The only decorated floor slab in the chamber is in fact the sill slab.

The passage entrance (N.E. wall, pillars 3 to 5).