The chamber floor has yielded a large number of pottery sherds, two small polished stone axe heads and charred wood fragments. Their location on the floor is an indicator of the gradual deterioration of the chamber when it was still in use.

Among the most remarkable items are:

  • two hooded bowls; the smallest with an inner hollow probably designed to allow decanting,
  • the upper part of a hollow stem vase decorated with raised dots,
  • a “Le Souc’h type” bomb vase,
  • several decorated fragments, in particular with boxed chevrons forming a triangle below the edge.

The five radiocarbon datings obtained in the crypt covered a range between 4090/3950 (coal taken under the chamber paving) and 3470/3330 ( the chamber gate hearth). This grave was therefore used during the first two thirds of the fourth millennium BC.