A number of monuments displaying special features can be found as well as the "classic" funereal types.

  • "Simple dolmens" have only a small open chamber, with no surviving passage. A few excavations inland in the Morbihan and in south-western Finistère proved that this was a specific monumental type apparently related to bell-beakers pottery.
  • "Anjou dolmens ". A few tombs in the hinterland of Morbihan are apparently related to the architectural family of large monuments located around Saumur. However, the Morbihan monuments (for instance Tablettes at Cournon) are minor compared with the famous "Roche-aux-fées" at Essé in Ille-et-Vilaine.

The huge"roche-aux-fées", monument at Essé, almost 20 m long.