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Overview of the pillar. 

Shield, axes and snake-like figures of the lower register.  

The shield "in majesty" with a crosier and an axe entangled in its "hair".

Multiple outlines, characteristic of the Gavrinis artistic style, are well illustrated halfway along the passage. There, two adjoining slabs (n°s 8 and 9 on the right-hand wall when entering) display very elaborate decorations.
Although slab n°9 is more evenly decorated, the patterns on n°8 are more elaborate. 
The slab is divided in two by a horizontal line. The lower part is also subdivided into two horizontal bands.
The first of these lower bands bears two 'shields' side by side. The one on the left is haloed by hair-like lines which overflow onto the other shield. A crosier and an axe head can be made out on the shield. 
The 'shield' can be associated with the image of a 'Majestic idol', complete with power attributes, ruling over another minor divinity.
Below, from left to right, one can see a series of symbols, which might be linked to chtonian powers: a 'shield', two braced axe heads, three standing snake-like figures with a clearly visible cephalic bulge and a small handled axe.
The ornamentation on the upper part of the slab is not as varied. Elements were not engraved horizontally but vertically. Above the 'Majestic idol' in the middle part, the most legible motifs are several shields one above the other.