Norbert Anjoulet, born the 3rd May 1946, was cultured, courteous and humble. He passed away the 12th of April 2011

Origanally from Saint Astier, and of perigordian stock to his heart, a spelaeologist; he was an excellent expert on Dordognes decorated caves, which he often discovered and studied masterfully. As a heritage curator at the National Centre for Prehistory (NCP), for 30 years he drove and influenced the Ministry of Cultures' politic around decorated caves, and pinpointed the international issues involved for their study and conservation. 

Founder of the Parietal Art department at the NCP, he brought to the field research (Lascaux, Beune Valley, Chauvet, Cussac), scientific reflection and a high standard methodology as a doctor entitled to publish research, supervise thesis, conduct university courses in France and abroad. All this while pursueing the acquisiation of data (HADES and ARTMOB databases), the conservation of records and offering expertise in the conservationof sites. He also worked on rock art sites in France (La Carapa, Guyane) and abroad (Spain, Portugal, Namibia, South Africa). 

Knowing the importance of public outreach, he participated in conferences, expositions and the conception and production of the fac-similes of decorated caves. Norbert Anjoulat collaborated in the production of numerous books, including The Atlas of Decorated Caves, an important reference work, as well as award winning websites (winning two Webby awards in 2000 and 2010). He possessed more knowledge than anyone else about Lascaux Cave (as a member of the special scientific committee) and in 2004 wrote the uneqalled work that is Lascaux, le geste, l'espace et le temps.