Plan de l'oppidum, habitat 1.


Islet 29 is exceptional both in terms of the irregularity of its plan and the remains of craft activities. The latter generated a dumping area in a nearby courtyard. It is filled with abundant small glass objects and scraps of bronze, which were often offered ex voto.

The presence of two skulls (without mandibles) in a room of islet 30 has not been explained. The proximity to the hypostyle hall and the dumping area of islet 29 indicates a religious association.

Cet espace à ciel ouvert était occupé par un dépotoir domestique et artisanal. Fragments de poterie ; os d'animaux, déchets de bronze et perles de verre.
Photo : Inventaire, Marc Heller, Archives du Service régional de l'archéologie, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.