Head of an aristocrat. His hair is decorated with a braided crown, a sign of high social status.

A rapid inventory of the statuary found at the Entremont settlement shows the presence of male and female individuals accompanying the seated heroes. These are very personalized portraits of men of high social status wearing rich jewelry. They reveal the individual styles of different artists and their evident concern for realism.

The life-sized representations of individuals would have been clearly identified and respected by those who pass before them. None of the statues has been fully reconstructed, making precise identification of the entourages of the heroes difficult. A few isolated clues, such feet attached to a long base, suggest the existence of some kind of support behind them. This could indicate that men and women of the aristocratic equestrian class were represented on horseback, sitting on low seats, or perhaps standing, all of which are prestigous positions.

The statuary of Entremont thus reflects a perfect image of these great aristocrats, seated in positions of reception, or parading, in the presence of the seated heroes of their lineage. Their women, and perhaps even adolescents, participated in these prestigious scenes. The social affirmation of these ruling families within their community is all the more perceptible in this time of confrontation between the Salyens federation and the Greek city of Marseille.

Reconstruction of an armed cavalier on his horse.