Fifteen kilometres southwest of Nanteuil-sur-Aisne, the large sacred site at Roizy "Les Cinq Horles" is known from aerial photographs, which reveal a large oval enclosure preceded to the south by two quadrangular enclosures. A survey has revealed the presence of a stratified Roman temple in the centre of the enclosure. Just like Nanteuil-sur-Aisne, it expanded and became a secondary conurbation of the Remi located on the Reims-Cologne Roman road. The objects from it, unearthed during illegal digs, were not properly recorded. Large numbers of Gallic coins have been discovered there, as well as some fragments of weapons, but most of the finds have been Roman. The sacred site and theatre at Nizy-le-Conte (Aisne), twenty kilometres north of Roizy and thirty kilometres west of Acy-Romance, were discovered by plane a few years ago. The Roman temple was excavated in the 19th century and the name of the pagus or district is known through a dedicatory plate "pagus Venectis". These two conurbations share some common features: their location on a major route and their structures surrounded by an oval ditch. And, like Nanteuil-sur-Aisne, each was the principal sacred site for the main town of a pagus.