It was during the final Bronze Age that the land began to be properly exploited. The few large circular enclosures known in the area with double ditches over 20 metres in diameter, in the valley (Barby) or on the plain (Château-Porcien), are the only remaining traces of the start of this great period which saw the development of bronze objects. We still know nothing about settlements during these early periods. "Les Ecouaires" at Nanteuil-sur-Aisne is the sole site representative of the very end of this period. A few traces of occupation have been found at Tagnon and Doubs as well as a few isolated objects. The countless circular enclosures scattered along the Aisne, the Suippe and the Retourne indicate dense settlement of the valleys. Large groups of long enclosures (langgräben) are dotted evenly along the Aisne valley. This type of monument dates from the final Bronze Age. Acy-Romance is representative of this final phase of the Bronze Age in the region.