The land has been continuously farmed and the ancient soil has long since disappeared. In addition, erosion of the chalky outcrops has been exacerbated by modern cultivation methods. The post holes have lost some of their depth and some have disappeared. On the steepest slopes the interior floor of the house would have had to be levelled to provide a minimum level of comfort. We know nothing of the interior fittings. Fragments of oven floors, simple clay plates placed on fragments of pottery or gravel taken from the river, have been found in some grain stores.

These objects were almost all disposed of in grain pits during cleaning up after a fire. Some crockery stands have also been found. Small lamps with double reservoirs were used for lighting and the hearth was decorated with clay firedogs shaped like ram's heads. Chests, doors and other closures, shelves and other useful fittings have been found, as well as locks, keys, hooks, hangers, nails, etc.