With only 130 tombs for two centuries of existence, the funerary population of Acy-Romance is derisory, a number which cannot be explained by the fall in the population from the mid 1st century AD. The dead went through the flames of the funeral pyre and their burned bones were deposited at the bottom of a grave, large or small, or placed in an urn, or a combination of both styles. Between the moment of death and committal to the ground, a whole ritual was completed, probably including exposure of the deceased in the cemetery, in a tree, on a platform or in "mausoleums". The act of depositing food and objects to accompany the dead person is very common. The funerary population is grouped in enclosed areas, genuine domains of the dead where the tombs of the elite are surmounted by large structures. The dead who benefited from all this attention were very few in number and cremation appears to have been a real privilege.