Camille Jullian (1859-1933), a historian, philologist, archaeologist and epigraphist, reconstructed history in a scientific way by cross-referencing sources.

Historian, philologist, archaeologist and epigraphist Camille Jullian, along with Salomon Reinach and Émile Espérandieu, was responsible for the scientific supervision of the final publication of the Dictionnaire archéologique de la Gaule.

Reforming the teaching of arts and history

When the former student at the École normale supérieure and member of the École française in Rome Camille Jullian began working at the université de Bordeaux, he strove to apply science and history to the teaching of the arts. He was a supporter of the thorough observation, research and analysis of anonymous archives.

A specialist in Roman Gaul

After having studied under epigraphist Ernest Desjardins, he decided to devote himself to classical antiquity and Roman Gaul. He reconstructed the history of this period by cross-referencing human geography, philology, numismatics, epigraphy and archaeology.

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