A judge under the Second Empire and Third Republic, Édouard Flouest became a correspondent of the Commission de Topographie des Gaules in April 1866 and of the CTHS in 1869.

A senior civil servant with a passion for archaeology

Édouard Flouest’s work as a judge led him to travel all over France and he took advantage of his travels to simultaneously carry out archaeological excavations, in particular at Nages in the Gard region in the late 1860s. As a correspondent of the CTG he sent it reports of his excavations, entries for the Dictionnaire archéologique de la Gaule - Époque celtique and a number of watercolour drawings. In 1872, under the leadership of Alexandre Bertrand, he and Abel Maître discovered artefacts at Magny-Lambert.

He became a corresponding member of the Société des antiquaires de France in 1869 and a resident member in 1884.

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