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On bare ground, the winter dew has revealed the location of curved, nested enclosures of a type A native farm. Prouzel (Somme).

A type A native farm with curved enclosure. Quesnoy-sur-Airaines (Somme).

Type B native farm with both a straight-sided and a curved enclosure. Conty-Luzières (Somme).

Multiple enclosures of a large native farm in the process of becoming Romanized, with the outline of a small building with stone foundations. Tartigny (Oise).

It would seem that we are in the presence of a type B native farm. But careful examination reveals the Gallo-Roman foundations. Blangy-Tronville (Somme).

The same site, in winter after deep plowing. This time, all we can see are the white lines of the foundations of a small Gallo-Roman villa.