The Interpretation Centre allows the public to discover the Roc-aux-Sorciers sculpted frieze, via two different renditions: an archaeological presentation and a second one that appeals to the imagination. The emotional encounter with the frieze's artistic dimension is at the heart of the encounter. The idea is not to propose a single explanation of the meaning of the frieze, but rather to provide, over the course of a visit, contextual elements (space, time, link between art and habitation), so that visitors can accumulate knowledge and better capture the essence of the site.

This is how the Interpretation Centre came about. It is neither a conventional facsimile nor a museum. The two proposed reconstructions of the carved frieze (one physical and the other digital) are used as a means and not an end. Through the frieze, and the accompanying support, visitors are invited to make their own discovery, and to raise questions that this testimony of humankind elicits.

Through these choices, the Interpretation Centre seeks to turn visitors into participants in "their" encounter with the Roc-aux-Sorciers site.