Artistic remains have been found on only a few of the Magdalenian sites in the Paris Basin, and only ever in very small quantities. Outside Étiolles, we have found only three artworks. The first two are from Cepoy (Loiret), where the most notable piece is a very detailed horse’s head carved on schist. The third is a representation of a cervid on a perforated baton from the Trilobite cave in Arcy-sur-Cure (Yonne). Finally, a flint flake has been found at Pincevent, still coated with some of the natural gangue from the block, and also engraved with a horse’s head. It would blend in with Magdalenian works, but is in fact the work of groups from the Azilian, just after the Magdalenian. It is a prime example of the endurance of symbols, dating from a time when techniques were changing and when art featuring animals was on the verge of disappearing.

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