In the three D71 habitations we see the same original method for producing blades, unlike that used by Magdalenians elsewhere and seen in many levels at Étiolles. 

In D71, a special way of doing things

Despite using the same technique as the occupants of U5 and Q31 (detachment using a striker made from an organic material) the Magdalenians at D71 obtained blades which were thinner and more rectilinear by using different surfaces on the stone block. Instead of using narrow, curved surfaces for knapping, as was traditional among the Magdalenians, the knappers at D71 preferred to detach blades from the broad, flat surfaces of blocks. This choice had an impact on the preparation and maintenance of the core.

An unusual tradition

This original method of knapping blades is found in the three D71 habitations, and was used by all levels of knapper. The extent of this particular tradition’s use at other times and in different places in the Magdalenian world is still unknown. We wonder if its use was limited to this family group that returned to hearth D71 three consecutive times.

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