The immediate outside space

The area outside the tent was both a space for work and where waste was deposited. We have found flint scatter, which marks the location where knapping took place or where debitage was deposited, as well as household waste. The space used by the occupants of U5 extended well away from the tent, up to the edges of P15.

Outside space further away

A little further away from the tents, four hearths were lit on the bank of the Ru des Hauldres. These open hearths, with little or no real construction, do not appear to be tied to a particular habitation, nor do they appear to have a specific function. They have all been used for several types of activity in different proportions, sometimes primarily technological activities, such as flint knapping, or sometimes mainly domestic activities, such as cooking and consuming food. The presence of knapped flint of varying quality shows that adults and children mixed alongside one other.