Mosul and its Museum

Remarkable for its architecture and collections, the Mosul Cultural Museum is one of Iraq’s most important museums outside of Baghdad. From its foundation in 1952 to its destruction by Daesh in 2015, the museum’s history is intimately linked to that of Mosul and its region.

The Disaster of Destruction

Over the last several decades, Iraq and its people have lived through many dramatic episodes. Episodes of war and division in the country, have led to the looting and destruction of iraqi cultural heritage.

Rehabilitating the Mosul Cultural Museum

In June 2017, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities noted the terrible state of the Mosul Cultural Museum and asked for international assistance. Thus was born an international solidarity to support the rehabilitation of the museum and its collections.

Collections and Legendary Sites

Mesopotamia is a region that has witnessed major stages in human history. This was illustrated by the collections that the Mosul Cultural Museum displayed in its rooms before they were looted and ransacked.