The first forges

The earliest forges discovered at Lattes date to the 4th century BCE. In one instance, the furnace is located outside, right next to the house. Built in a rectangular space, it consists of two solid earth and mud-brick sidewalls, closed off to the north by a mound of earth. Elsewhere, a furnace was constructed in the same manner, but inside one of the rooms of the house.

The appearance of workshops

Veritable workshops did not make their appearance in the town center until the late 3rd century BCE. These were limited to iron- and bronze-working, and were the reflection of the increasing – and perhaps fully realized – specialization of labor. These workshops were located along the town's main streets. The workshop in block 72, which dates to 100 BCE, consists of a room in which several forges and hearths for theproduction of metal objects have been built. Large stone blocks served as anvils, and amphorae were embedded in the floor. The space clearly remained in use a long time, as we can see from the successive developments that were carried out.