The ”Divine triad” is part of a religious relief sculpture. It depicts the Aramaic god Baalshamin surrounded by Aglibol, acolyte of the storm god who became the lunar god, and Malakbel, "messenger of Bel”, the sun god. Each of the three deities is dressed in a lamellar strip cuirass typical of Palmyra. With their left hands, they grasp the hilts of their swords decorated with precious stones. Their right hands, sculpted separately and sealed with lead, are missing. It is not known whether they were making a blessing sign or holding a spear. Baalshamin wears a calathos, indicating his status as a celestial deity, and has billowing hair and a pointed beard that recall Persian and Parthian royal effigies.

Nature: Low relief in limestone

Dimensions: H.: 60 cm; L.: 72 cm; D.: 7 cm

Origin: A Palmyrene sanctuary (discovered not far from Bir Wereb, in the Miyah wadi), Syria

Date: 1st half of the 1st century CE?

Writing: Inscription in the Palmyrene alphabet

Language: Palmyrene, dialect derived from Aramaic

Inventory number: AO 19801

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