This bronze tessera, an entry token for various public or private meetings, such as funeral ceremonies or banquets, depicts the god Bel, the supreme god of Palmyra, on the front.

He is depicted in bust form, wearing a cylindrical headdress over ample curly hair. In his left hand he holds a palm leaf. Two decorative rosettes, perhaps representing the sun and moon, decorate the top of the tessera. Under the bust are the words "fortune of the olive tree" since the tessera was probably made for a banquet of the olive oil producers of Palmyra.

On the back, there are three knives, probably objects used for worship. Above, the name of Bel is written next to a sign for rain, as Bel was supposed to ensure good rainfall and fertility.

Nature : Bronze tessera

Dimensions : H.:  3.45 cm; L.: 2.57 cm; Thickness:  0.88 cm

Origin:  Palmyra

Date:  1st-3rd centuries  CE

Writing:  Inscription in the Palmyrene alphabet

Language:  Palmyrene, dialect derived from Aramaic

Inventory number:  AO 11762