This relief portrays a man, the deceased, reclining on a couch at a banquet. His wife sits on cushions beside him.

The epitaph inscribed on a cartouche between the two figures reads:  ”Image of Maliku, son of Hagegu, son of Maliku, priest of the temple precinct, alas! and Hadira, his wife.” 

Banqueting in a reclining position was originally a Greco-Roman practice. It was an essential component of funerary iconography in Palmyra. Family tombs had a main room dominated by the monumental sarcophagus of the founder, topped by high reliefs showing the head of the clan surrounded by his relatives and servants, reclining on a kline, and cup in hand.

Nature: Low relief in limestone

Dimensions: H.: 44 cm; L.: 57 cm; D.: 21 cm

Origin: Palmyra

Date: 1st half of the 3rd century  CE

Writing: Inscription in the Palmyrene alphabet

Language: Palmyrene, dialect derived from Aramaic

Inventory number: AO 2000

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