Ministry of Culture and the Department of Underwater and Marine Archaeological Research (DRASSM)


  • Cécile Sauvage, maritime archaeologist, head of the Normandy, Hauts de France and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon areas at the DRASSM, Ministry of Culture

Scientific advisors

  • Jean-Luc Leleu, research engineer, Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines de Caen, CNRS
  • Jean Moulin, naval historian


  • Cécile Sauvage (DRASSM) and Citlali Le Clerre (Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France)

Iconographic research

  • Cécile Sauvage (DRASSM),
  • Clément Galinier (Aix Marseille University)
  • Catherine Guillemant (Normandy Region)


  • Shannon de Viviès

Digital project management

  • Thomas Sagory, manager of the Grands sites archéologique collection and digital development, Musée d’archéologie nationale, Ministry of Culture

Graphic design, integration and development

Perrine Stéphan and Julie Henry, web and digital contents managers, DRASSM

Hosting and operation

Ministry of Culture, Information Systems Division


  • Antéa
  • Library and Archives Canada
  • Bundesarchiv, Germany
  • Caen Plongée
  • Department of Underwater and Marine Archaeological Research (DRASSM), Ministry of Culture
  • Fonds Gabriel Serra
  • Fonds Jean-Luc Marchais
  • Frédéric Osada
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Jacques Le Lay
  • Libre comme l’air (LCL) Production
  • Ludovic Madelaine
  • Manuel de Rugy
  • Michel Torché
  • Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum
  • Nicolas Job
  • Normandy Region
  • Septième Ciel
  • Teddy Seguin
  • Thomas Mathieu
  • UK Hyrographic Office (UKHO)
  • US National Archives
  • US Navy, Naval History and Heritage Command


The content of this site draws on the enormous contributions of the divers, archaeologists, historians and hydrographers who took an interest in the maritime remains of the Normandy landings, long before the DRASSM turned its attention to them, especially :

  • Serge David and Yves Marchaland (Caen Plongée),
  • Robert S. Neyland, Alexis Catsambis and Blair Atcheson (US Navy, Naval History and Heritage Command, Underwater Archaeology Branch),
  • Chris Howlett (UKHO),
  • as well as Andy Sherell and Sylvain Pascaud (LCL Production).

Special thanks to Django Guyon (ADRAMAR) for agreeing to process the colossal amounts of data from these campaigns.

Immense thanks to all those who participated in DRASSM research missions aboard the ship André Malraux (DRASSM, Ministry of Culture) between 2017 and 2019, especially :

  • the ship’s crew: Denis Metzger and Christian Péron (captains), Erwan Marion (second-in-command), Patrick Cariou (chief engineer), Alan Landuré (chief engineer), Julien Fiedler (watch officer), Maxime Roze (watch officer), Nicolas Abbé (watch officer), Samuel Pihour (watch officer) and Nicolas Stern (cook).
  • hyperbaric operations managers for the various campaigns: Erwan Marion, Ugo Borgnetta and Bertrand Terkowsky (SCAPH’EUSA).
  • survey operators: Joshua Bac (Intechmer/Hydroconsult), Erwan Marion and Thomas Mathieu (ADRAMAR).
  • archaeologist-divers: Thomas Mathieu (Aix-Marseille University/ADRAMAR), Tiffany Kerschenmeyer (Aix-Marseille University/Ipso Facto), Anne Hoyau-Berry (ADRAMAR), Guillaume Martins (Ipso Facto), David Honoré (Inrap), Joë Guesnon (Cherbourg Natation Plongée), Gilles Drogue (Cherbourg Natation Plongée), Alison Mayor and Martin Davies (British Sub-Aqua Club).
  • and of course, the two photographers: Frédéric Osada and Teddy Seguin.

Thanks to the management of the DRASSM and its administrative team who made these missions possible.

Although he has already been mentioned, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Thomas Mathieu for his sustained commitment over the course of this project.

Special thanks to Catherine Guillemant (Normandy Region) who is in charge of the UNESCO candidature of Normandy landing beaches and who granted us the opportunity to work on this project.

And lastly, thanks to all the people mentioned in the credits above for their investment in the website project, especially Jean-Luc Leleu (CNRS), Jean Moulin, Gabriel Serra and Jean-Luc Marchais for their insights. In addition, we want to acknowledge the precious assistance of Murielle Sage, for her patient proofreading, as well as that of David Magott and Julia Alexis, without forgetting Olivia Hulot, Alexis Rochat and Christian Péron for the clarifications they provided. Thanks also to Ludovic Madelaine and Pascal Canessant (Grieme) for their help with the iconographic research.


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