Study and analyse of water and carbon materials transfer (2013-2016)

Continuing with the work started by Ben Lopez in his thesis "Les processus de transfert d'eau et de dioxyde de carbone dans l'épikarst/The processes of transfer of water and carbon dioxide in the epikarst"- 2009 a new phd project was initiated in 2013. Carried out by Nicolas Houillon under direction of Roland Lastennet and Alain Denis at the heart of the I2M laboratory at the University of Bordeaux, this thesis aims to carry out responses to complex but essential questions concerning the distribution of carbon dioxide in the massif and the cave. This work also allows us to study the natural and anthropic conditions of the balance of water to the cave walls, (carbon dioxide pumping). It aims to refine the possible effects of air extraction in the Puits du Sorcier  on the hydro-climatic conditions of the cave and therefore its conservation. 

Based on the results of this study, in January 2015 the scientific committee voted to end the extraction of carbon dioxide from the lower cave network, which is done under correct scientific control.