The first fac simile of Lascaux was exposed at the Grand Palais in 1980. It was a reconstruction of the Hall of the Bulls created by a novel process developed by Kodak-Pathé, on a 3D reproduction of the IGN.

LASCAUX II, since 1983

Lascaux II is the first fac-simile created from the beginning of the 1970s and opened in 1983. Placed on the same hill as the origanal cave and dug into the ground, Lascaux II reproduces the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Gallery. Two "museographic entranceways" retrace the history of the cave and explain the techniques used by the artists. 

It's due to technological prowess and a rigourous scientific and artisitic methid, that has allowed for the recreation of the atmosphere of the original cave : shells of iron reinforced ciment and a structure built along the safe lines as a ship, the reliefs have been reconstructed down to the finest detail using polychrome paints made from natural pigments and applied using the same techniques as the orignal artisits. Since its opening also 10 millions visitors have come to the cave.

Visit Lascaux II, the replica from 1983

LASCAUX III, since 2012

Lascaux III is the nomadic reproduction that since 2012 has allowed has to share knowledge of Lascaux around the world. Part of the cave has been recreated around a unique set of five exact replicas of the Nave and the Shaft. This expositions shows Lascaux in all its complexity (anthropologic, ethnologic and aesthetic). It attracts artists, scientists, writers, photographers and philosophers who seek universality.