Tragically, André Glory died prematurely in an automobile accident, and was unable to publish his research in its entirety. Several years later, under the direction of Arlette Leroi-Gourhan and Jacques Allain, a multidisciplinary team was created. The full set of data gathered during the excavations and multiple recording sessions would serve as the basis for an overall archaeological study of the site. The work required the contribution of a number of specialists, who studied, in addition to the parietal art, the flora, fauna and the lithic and bone objects.

The examination of archives relating to parietal art was entrusted to Denis Vialou, who led a team that examined the walls of the Passageway and the Apse. André Leroi-Gourhan contributed work on the iconography of the Nave and the Chamber of the Felines. Among other things, he summarised the work done on Lascaux's parietal art. During this inventory, several other figures were identified.

All of the research carried out in this context was published by the CNRS under the title Lascaux Inconnu.