Organise your visit to LASCAUX IV - International Centre for Parietal Art (CIAP)

Open in december 2016, the CIAP is a tourist and cultural facility dedicated to the display and explanation of parietal art based on the painted and engraved images on the walls of Lascaux cave. The facility is centred on the quasi-entire reproduction of Lascaux cave and the use of new imaging and virtual technologies in the service of  public outreach. It consists of a physical fac-simile reproduction of the cave, an assembly of digital supports and an assembly of mobile fac-similes, assuring the scientifique reproduction of the emblematic paintings of the following panels:

  • The two backed bison
  • The great black cow
  • The handprints panel
  • The apse
  • The Puits
  • The divertical axial
  • The upside down horse
  • The room of the bulls

Inside the fac-simile, reproduced from the 3D model by Guy Perazion, with the technical capacity of The Perigordian Fac-Similes Workshop, the atmosphere is that of a real cave. It is dark and humide with muted sounds. 

Lascaux IV allows us to see the reproduction of Lascaux and to understand, through an interactive medium, its parietal and portable art and its conservation. It opens access to scientific knowledge of the palaeolithic, and discusses art from the palaeolithic to the contemporary period. 

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