The conservation of Lascaux Cave "as well as possible, for as long as possible" as indicated by Proffesor Coppens comprises a major issue with which the Ministry of Cultures heritage services are confronted with daily. 

Reduction of touristic affluence on Lascaux hill

Faced with conservation issues, state services have decided to restrict access to the hill to reduce tourist access to the surrounding areas of the site. Currently, almost 250 000 people per year visit the neighbouring Lascaux II site. The car park has been moved further away outside the caves karstic surroundings. This is meant to limit contamination risks for the cave, which is already at risk, due to its general configuration and topographic position, to external climatic variations and microbiological changes.

Since 2014 circulation of vehicules has been prohibited on the road accessing the cave.  The Dordogne department council will build a bypass to allow acces to the Regourdou site.

Footpath access to Lascaux II

The operating conditins have not yet been completly defined, but access to the site will certaining be on foot or by shuttlebus. This is due to the closure of the carpark close to the site which will be grassed over.