Several reliefs found in the palace of Khorsabad on orthostats or known from drawings by Eugène Flandin depict scenes from court life during the reign of Sargon.

Dignitaries, officials and servants

Sargon's dignitaries frequently appear in the palace's decorations. Another frieze in the Musée du Louvre shows a richly decorated chariot or wheeled throne, furniture, and precious tableware being carried to the king by a procession of beardless officials, possibly eunuchs. Other reliefs show dignitaries going to greet the king, who appears to be surrounded by servants waving fly-whisks.


The reliefs in Rooms II and VII show groups at a banquet, some of whom are raising a cup, attended by servants. They are all men and their clothes suggest they are dignitaries. The furniture - tables, seats, and stands - and tableware are shown in detail. Music would have been played during the banquets.

Hunting scenes

The lower register of the reliefs from Room VII show hare and bird hunting, probably in the royal park. The king, in a chariot, is accompanied by his servants and guards on foot or horseback. Acolytes catch game and practice archery. Buildings for leisure activities are also depicted. These scenes offer a glimpse of what life was like in Sargon’s palace.