CNRS - Laboratory EDYTEM research engineer, UMR 5204 CNRS, University of Savoie.

A geomorphologist, specialist in karst and caves, PhD from the University of Bordeaux III, Stéphane Jaillet specialises in the 3D analysis of underground and overground karstic surfaces (especially in 3D lasergrammetric and photogrammetric acquisition). He is also a federal speleology instructor, holds a higher degree in Speleology, is Head of Scientific Diving at the CNRS, and Chairman of the French Karstology Association.

At Chauvet Cave, the team is made up of Jean-Jacques DelannoyStéphane Jaillet and Benjamin Sadier, who analyse, often with 3D technology, karstic morphology on a large scale (at the entrance to the gorges in Ardèche), in the cave (morphogenesis) and of the deposits (especially the anthropogenic structure). They recently worked on the collapse and sealing off of Chauvet Cave.

Stéphane asserts a certain sensitivity to the mode of depiction in the underground world. He is a real enthusiast for topography, cartography and especially ancient topographies. In underground iconography produced over time, he pursues a link that is not yet properly understood and which joined mankind to the world of caves. Setting up 3D acquisition methods, his passion for underground photography and art all form a logical extension of this pursuit.