Chauvet Cave was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 22 June 2014, which endows it with recognition of its exceptional universal value and recalls that a world heritage site is the responsibility of everyone on Earth.

The idea  which was already developing  of setting up a network of preservation agents for decorated caves on both a national and international scale forms part of this programme. It would also be possible to share experiences from each cave, to learn from them, and for every structure worldwide to benefit from them. France is a perfect example thanks to its preservation work on the Chauvet Cave, although a prevention programme still needs to be planned and organised in line with the universal value with which it has been entrusted.

The first part of this programme relates to the cave's internal balance where more data can be gathered in greater detail.

The second section deals with the cave's immediate surroundings and the protection it should be given to avoid the detrimental effects of uncontrolled tourism. The State will work alongside territorial groups to encourage a reflection on these environmental topics in terms of prevention.

Being aware of the cave as a space for high-quality restitution and exemplary faithfulness certified by the scientific team is a guarantee of great satisfaction. At the same time, further awareness is raised through conventions based on the scientific debate and aimed at different kinds of audiences.

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