A recess formed by a narrow corridor ends in a rotunda 2 m in diameter. Three bears shown in left profile have been drawn with red ochre on the wall facing the entrance. The first is complete and the relief has been used to evoke its stomach and shoulder. Below its neck is the head of a young bear. These are followed by a third, more massive bear, whose hindquarters are depicted by a hollow in the wall. These are cave bears, which are rarely represented in cave art. On the right hand wall of this recess are two representations of ibex. The first is a male turned to the left whose great semi-circular horns, and the rear part of the line of the back, are depicted by relatively deep natural fissures. The remainder of the body has been rapidly drawn in red ochre. The identical style of the second (red lines and fissures), located below the first, make us inclined to identify it as an ibex even though it is less clearly identifiable.

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