5 m long, the Panel of the Scraped Mammoths is on a surface originally covered by greyish-brown clay, the lower part of which is unstable. The white limestone is deeply altered. The dynamic effect of this work, obtained by large, broad manual scrapings, is clear. Three large interlaced mammoths are entirely whitened by scraping, the residues of which have spattered the berms of the wall and the floor. One of them is the largest mammoth in the cave (235 x 135 cm), but not the largest animal.
The ends of the legs are magnificently finished by the bulging and polished forms of the base of a rocky pillar. This desire to make the best possible use of the relief led to the dimensions and posture given to the animal, which appears to be leaping out of the wall.

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  •  Scratched mammoths on the right hand wall